Holding Tank Rentals

Grey Water Holding tank rentals are ideal for any construction site.

Waste Now’s 350 gallon holding tank will accommodate large amounts of liquid waste. Fully plumbed water holding tanks stay hidden under a trailer by Waste Now’s service team.

Waste Now’s non-potable fresh water holding tanks for office trailers on sites. Because fresh water holding tanks can connect to standard toilets. This allows flushing and sinks for hand washing on the construction site facilities.

Grey water tanks and fresh water tanks used in combination. One provides the freshwater for flushing and hand washing in an office trailer. The other to accommodate the created waste water outside of the trailer.

Waste Now can make arrangements to fill your fresh water holding tank as many times per week as needed. Waste water holding tanks will need to emptied out often. As often as fresh water tanks are being filled. Larger job sites may need this service daily and Waste Now can meet that need.

Any time your construction site does not have a sewer connection. Holding tanks from Waste Now insure your job site stays clean.