Hand Washing Station Rental

Hand Washing Station Rental is a sink on wheels

When hosting an event, don’t forget about the safety and cleanliness of your guests. After using the restroom, everyone should be able to clean their hands to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases. Waste Now’s compact, portable hand washing station offers a solution.

Each unit has 20 gallons of non-potable fresh water, with liquid soap and paper towels provided. Your hand washing station rental will be delivered clean and on time by our dependable service team.

Hand washing stations are important to have near porta potties. These are vital for any event that has food. While Waste Now’s porta potties include internal hand sanitizer dispensers, event patrons value the additional hygienic benefit of soap and water.

Keep in mind, since each hand washing station also has paper towels for hand drying, it is a good idea to provide a cardboard trash box nearby. Waste Now offers these too!