Event Planning Guide

Event Planning Guide

Under normal conditions, most people will use sanitation facilities once every four hours. A Waste Now portable restroom facility should accommodate a maximum of 125 uses. Weather conditions and the consumption of food, liquids, beer and other alcoholic beverages will increase usage by 30-40%.

Plan a successful event by answering the following questions:

  • How many attendees?
  • How long is your event expected to last?
  • How long is each attendee expected to stay?
  • Are food and/or beverages (especially liquors) being served?

Outdoor Event Calculator

Our calculator will estimate how many of our clean, well-maintained portable restrooms are needed for you to better do event planning. Simply input the number of guests you expect to attend your event and how long your event will last. Once you have your estimated number of units, contact us for a free quote.

Maximum in Attendance:
Number of Hours:
Number of Units: