Cardboard Trash Boxes

Cardboard Trash Boxes

Waste Now will provide trash boxes for your event as well. Studies have show that if there is opportunity to throw one’s trash away majority of individuals will do so. But, if there are not enough trash cans many individuals will drop their trash on the ground or leave it on a table. Make sure you have plenty of trash cans with the “Waste Box” from Waste Now.

Waste Now has 40 gallon corrugated cardboard trash boxes. These are self-assembling and need no taping or stapling to erect the box. Each waste box comes with a plastic liner and with a lid. The lid of the card board box will accept all forms of trash or set-up to only accept smaller recyclable items.

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Save Time

Having a few extra trash boxes plays a large role in the cleanliness of an event. Extra card board trash box saves time cleaning up. Thus, more trash will make it into a receptacle and not tossed on the ground.

Lighter and Easier

Card board trash boxes from Waste Now are light enough that anyone can carry them. Yet heavy duty enough to still perform if they get wet. You can choose card board trash boxes for landfill or for recycling. But only if you make this known before the event.